My New Years Resolution is …

absIt’s that time of year again. Have you made your resolutions for 2007?

 According to a Sky News poll this morning, 72% of you aren’t even going to bother this year – or so you say. So what are the remaining 28% setting their sights on for ’07?

Seems like it’s the same as it ever was. Lose weight! is a place where you can lay bare your goals and aspirations. “Lose weight” is the number one resolution for 2007 –  for around 17,000 desperate souls at Another 10,000 are more specific about how much weight they want to lose ranging from 10 to 50lb (4.5 to 23kg). About 1500 just want “loose weight.” Maybe learning to spell should be their number one goal (not that I can talk).

Seems like all they need to do is “stop procrastinating” (number 2) and “drink more water” (number 6). “Exercise regularly” squeaks into the top 20, but “Eat Healthier” is a lowly number 22.

Of course, the name of the game is fat loss, not weight loss, but that just makes it sound like a real problem.

Scarier still is that almost everyone knows what needs to be done. Nothing much has changed over the last few years and Lou Schuler’s second to last article at Mens Health in 2004 stands the test of time. Read it, even if it’s just to remind yourself of what you already know.

Lou Schuler’s latest book is the “The New Rules of Lifting” co-written with Alwyn Cosgrove.

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