Here’s Jimmy:Part 2

The Teenage Years
The Teenage Years

I couldn’t wait until the same show next year so I did the Sydney Titles, This time, I was a little bit more prepared. I trained really well and followed a strict diet of high protein and low carbs. That was the basic. I didn’t know much about supplements, fats or why I was doing what but the less carbohydrates I was eating the leaner I was getting so I figured it worked. I was a little too prepared and peaked too early and slowly faded until the day of the show. I came 2nd , a controversial second I feel.

Later that same year I competed again in the State Titles. After placing 2nd again to a different competitor than at the Sydney Titles I set my sights on winning not just the state show but the Australian Title next year.

I didn’t compete in the middle of the year and just focused on the National and State Titles. These were held on the same day as the state show in NSW was being judged. I again trained harder and had a little bit more knowledge and knew I had to come in to the show lean. I did this and won the title!

Extra! Extra!
Extra! Extra!

At this time I was attending the Australian College of Physical Education at Homebush. After winning the Australian Title I was awarded a full Scholarship for the remainder of my time there which I was thankful for. After this win I set myself a goal of one day winning the Junior Australian title and then once I did that an open Australian title.

The Junior Division

I then took 2003 off competing and just trained and concentrated on college. I used that time to bulk up and bulk up I did. To call me uncomfortable during this time would be an understatement. I reached 112kg at 5”6 and I am glad I tried this and I did get results but I won’t go to those measures again to put on mass. It was good to quote how much I weighed but the mirror didn’t like it and I felt like a powder puff lolly.

Gettin\' Bigger
Gettin' Bigger

I competed in 2004 and came 3rd in the NSW ANB State Titles and Nationals. Happy with my improvements I had made but knowing I couldn’t have beaten the 2 guys that placed ahead of me, I trained for another 2 weeks and flew up to Queensland for the National Titles. Although I placed out of the top 3—I think I came 4th—I beat the 2 guys that had beaten me at the state titles so I got my revenge for the show 2 weeks earlier which tasted good.

I went back to the drawing board and trained for the competitions in 2005. Knowing this was my last year as a Junior I wanted to make the most of it and I needed to win to keep my goal alive of winning the Teenage, Junior and then an open Australian title one day.

Because I knew I had to get into condition and size has never been an issue, I started my contest prep 20 weeks out. Now I wouldn’t call this dieting at 20 weeks out but I cleaned up my diet, I was still eating a lot but it was all clean and the idea and the goal was to drop body fat so slowly that no muscle mass was lost. I started on a weights program that was very intense and continually changed that involved high reps, low reps, super sets and drop sets as well as giant sets. Never doing the same workout twice in a row. As the show came closer and closer I was practicing my posing more and more and basically put my life on hold for the last 12 weeks before the show to concentrate on the Australian Titles.

The first show in 2005 I competed in was the ANB Central Coast Titles. After depleting for about 5 days before hand, which means very little carbohydrates and high protein to suck out glycogen from the muscle cells and get rid of that last little bit of fat I tried to fill up as much as possible. For 2 and a half days every 3 hours I had one cup of rice accompanied by my normal fish meals throughout the day. I was very very full and I feel I look my best when I am full and big. I won the Junior Title in that show and was ready for the NSW Titles.


But I changed what I did at the previous week as the judges has said I wasn’t lean enough again. Before the show and something went wrong with my colour and I placed second in the NSW titles.. A week later I competed in the national ANB Titles and I am not one to complain and I take my placings wherever I am put, but after having a disagreement with the owner of the company of the major sponser of the NSW Team and the show its self when I stepped onstage I knew something was going on. Out of the 7 judges 4 or 5 worked for his personal training company and I was not compared to anyone the entire prejudging but ended up placing 4th just out of the top three without being compared to 3rd or 5th or 1st or last. I knew was in the best shape of my life but it didn’t matter.

Instead of getting upset a week later I competed in the IFBB Australian titles. This being an untested event I didn’t know what to expect but I had the time of my life. I won the Junior class, keeping my goal alive and made the year of training and dieting well worth while.

After taking 3 years off competing and prioritising other areas of my life I have now decided to jump back in the saddle and re ignite the fire. I have got some shows in mind for next year and I have an image in my head of how exactly I want to look. I believe if I can bring my body to match that image I will be unstoppable. To help me get there I contacted John and Jenny at Myopure for some assistance in products that might get me back onto the competitive stage. They agreed, and I am looking forward to getting back that competitive edge that will help me reach my full potential.

I hope this has given you a good run down of myself for now. Please drop by the boards and say hi or ask a question about how to reach your goals and I will be more than happy to help.

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