Muscle DVD: Strange Days

Strange DaysStrange Days (1995), directed by Kathryn Bigelow (K-19: The Widow-maker) from a James “Terminator” Cameron script features some kick-ass female fighting action.

Angela Bassett

A strong and angry Angela Bassett (Malcom X) plays a limo-driver called Mace, who’ll do anything for the man she loves (Ralph Feinnes), including kick the shite out of a roomful of dread-locked bodyguards, break out of an armour-plated limo submerged in the LA river using only her bare hands and a shot-gun, and fend off a brace of cracker cops with the Y2K fireworks blasting overhead.

Angela Bassett

Juliette Lewis: bad never looked so good

With the help of celebrity trainers David Sinnot, and Bigelow stalwart Denise Snyder, Basset built up a formidable physique to take centre-stage in 90% of the jaw-dropping violence in this futuristic actioner.

The title is taken from a song by The Doors, and the soundtrack is a burner, featuring performances by real-life rocker Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers), who steals every one of her scenes, and not just because she is near-naked in most of them.

Angela Bassett

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