Tuna: Shake it Like a Man

Tuna CanDeepsquatter.com has the lowdown on the gainer we love to hate: Hell yeah! Tuna, baby — more recipes than you can wave a very long stick at.

But the Dallas/Forth Worth Assault Crew walk the walk, and challenge anyone to prove they’ve got funk in their trunks by drinking one of their famous concoctions.

Or as daredevil Cliff Pickover says, “if your trunks weren’t funky before you try one of these, they soon will be!”

From the Official D/FW crew standard (Blend until creamy 2 small cans Tuna in water or oil; 2 cups water or skim milk; 4 large ice cubes) to the Hardcore Tuna shake with Bananas, it doesn’t get any funkier than this.

My personal favourite are the Tuna Sticks, not so much for the nutritive potential as for the method of preparation, which includes instructions on how to “stir vigorously to get a good pump” and to “Spread the mixture on celery stalks (in the groove silly, not the convex side).”

Brain food? Hell, yeah.

Tuna Babes
Where’s the blender boys?

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