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  • October 2, 2005 at 1:52 am #377

    hey guys.

    im doing fullbody training (6 exercises) 3 times a week with 2 days cardio of 40min walking.

    im 75kgs now, and put on about .5kgs in 2 weeks and waist hasnt moved since.Ive been doing this routine for 3 months now, and i was thinking of changing it up abit again, but i keep gettining stronger with the 3×10, especially with the squats. i started with 88kgs and now im up to 95.5kgs, everything else has been alittle slower, but it keeps going up, I find im not plateauing or feeling stale. Because they say your muscles get used to the stimulis, and thats what im worried about.

    So is this a good indication to just keep going with it? I would really like to grow though more though, but is that possible. I’ve worked out roughly that ive been putting on about .5kgs every week since i started bulking.

    October 2, 2005 at 3:34 am #1741

    @unbuff wrote:

    im 75kgs now, and put on about .5kgs in 2 weeks and waist hasnt moved since

    0.5 kgs in 2 weeks? mate you need to start eating more!!… dont be worried about a bit of fat… increase ur calories but stay eating lean meats and low GI carbs. 0.5kg in 2 weeks could be the difference between having a piss or taking a dump. you could be putting on more muscle than this IMO.

    how have ur measurements been going, have they increased, like ur arms, leg size etc?

    you might want to reconsider the 3 times a week full-body workout as well and split it up into bodyparts once a week

    October 2, 2005 at 4:24 am #1742

    i start this second bulk in july. when july started i slowly put my cals up to bulking over 2 – 3 wks. i did no growing in this time. so from then to now, its been about … 9 – 10wks. i started at 70 and now 75. so thats a .5kg increase every week.

    i measure myself every fortnight, and they’re not 100% accurate, so next fornight i could be 76, or 76.5kgs

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