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  • July 3, 2007 at 8:49 am #796

    I always try to keep at 2 tins of flavoured and unflavoured tuna in my pantry at all times. As well as a few bags or rocket/baby spinach.

    So for my healthy snack.

    Get 1 can of flavoured tuna, 1 can unflavoured tuna.

    Get a handful of rocket and some spinach then just mix it all together.

    Presto! if you want more calories add some extra virgin olive oil.

    If you don’t have extra virgin olive oil, just buy the tuna that comes in the evoo oil.

    There should be no need to add an extra salt to the snack.

    July 4, 2007 at 1:09 am #4541

    Nice and simple.

    I like it but I’d need to add the olive oil.

    Just find tuna so dry.


    July 4, 2007 at 7:53 am #4542

    I do similarly, but with a couple of small cans of green peas and green beans.

    I’d rate the Italian yellow cans of Tuna with Chilli as one of the best, taste wise. Then some of the Safcol Aussie brand ones.

    My latest culinary delight is prawns with chilli and curry powder, cooked quick in a micro’, add some boiled eggs, and vegies – AHH JUST RIGHT. DA

    July 5, 2007 at 12:43 am #4543

    I always buy Safcol, i just wait for it to go on sale and then buy heaps.

    July 5, 2007 at 1:32 pm #4544

    why not have tuna with oil as the unflavoured one? no need to add more oil and its more chewable. ๐Ÿ™‚

    how much carbs would be in the spinach etc? ud need alot to get 30gms atleast….

    July 5, 2007 at 11:29 pm #4545

    had a tuna snack myself after the gym last night
    two tins of unflavoured tuna, mixed in with noodles, a tin of 4 bean mix, a spring onion and a dash of red wine vinegar.
    really need to do some grocery shopping this weekend lol

    July 6, 2007 at 7:44 am #4546

    tuna with chili.. can’t be beat ๐Ÿ™‚

    Edit: Although i don’t eat much tuna these days anymore.

    July 8, 2007 at 4:48 am #4547

    Tuna in water, pasta, corn and cheese. Awesome.

    July 8, 2007 at 9:44 am #4548

    I wish i could stomach cheese. Every time i smell it i start dry reaching.

    July 8, 2007 at 11:57 am #4549

    parmesen cheese does that to me

    when im at an italian rsturant and smell the shaker, i swear it smells like baby vomit, turns me off so much.

    July 8, 2007 at 12:29 pm #4550

    i used to be like that unbuff… then i ate it and holy crap i never knew what i was missing out on.

    July 9, 2007 at 5:23 am #4551

    Mozzarella boy’s. That and jahlsberg. There is no other cheese other than a bit of baby vomit, I mean parmeson on the ole’ spag bog.

    I only put a bit in with the mix to take the edge of the tuna. Probably not that good for the diet though. But realistically I can’t eat that vegan type diet of salads etc all the. Every now and then I’ll get amongst it just to cut a little slack on my self concience ๐Ÿ˜† But half the reason I hit the weights is so that I can eat big…I love eating!

    July 9, 2007 at 7:42 am #4552

    @dave wrote:

    i used to be like that unbuff… then i ate it and holy crap i never knew what i was missing out on.

    …ive eaten it….

    July 9, 2007 at 8:54 am #4553

    @unbuff wrote:

    @dave wrote:

    i used to be like that unbuff… then i ate it and holy crap i never knew what i was missing out on.

    …ive eaten it….

    can anyone describe what Parmesan tastes like?

    I can’t bring myself to try it.
    Mozzarella is ok. I tried Feta and i almost puked the texture is some nasty stuff.

    July 9, 2007 at 9:13 am #4554

    hard to descibe, slightly pungent strong taste.. very delicious esp on pasta bolognaise

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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