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  • March 31, 2006 at 2:17 am #511

    what are some good lower back exercises, i find now that since my lifting capablities have gone up my lower back is not strong enough.
    i really only do 45 degree Hyperextension. ive tried good mornings but puts a bit to much strain on my lower back. any ideas would be great.

    thanks norm

    April 1, 2006 at 5:35 am #2537

    😈 Do Deads in 3 or 4 sets for 8 to 12 reps for muscle building.

    Or for strength – work on getting your 1 RM weight increasing from week to week for 6 weeks or so.

    If doing strength work, make sure to warm up using a pyramid something like: 8 reps at 50%, 5 reps at 70%, 3 reps at 80%, 1 rep at 90%, and for a PR (personal record), aim at a 1RM which is 2% greater than your known 1RM weight, train down with 2 to 3 sets of 65% until dead. DA

    April 2, 2006 at 9:11 pm #2538

    @mr 32 wrote:

    ive tried good mornings but puts a bit to much strain on my lower back. any ideas would be great.

    What do you mean by ‘too much strain’?

    If good mornings at any weight cause back pain don’t do ’em. Otherwise, you could try dropping the weight until the exercise is real easy. Then really concentrate on good form and slowly build up the weight. When you get to the point were you think the weight is a bit tough on the lower back, drop it down and start the build up again.

    You could also try Romanian deadlifts but once more it all about form.

    I know you’ve got to look after your back so take care.


    April 7, 2006 at 10:21 am #2539

    thanks for the advice DA and Dr J.
    ive add light good morings with someone watching my form to my works out now so far so good.
    i just wanted to know if i should do dead lifts on back day or leg day? and is once a week enough for my lower back exercises or should i do more?

    April 8, 2006 at 6:22 am #2540

    Back done well, once a week, is by far enough, as it has some of the largest muscles of the body. Recovery is hence – longer. DA

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