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  • February 28, 2009 at 10:48 am #1149

    just a quick questions about leg training. While Riding my Bicycle over the last 4 months I have clocked up just over 3800km and my outer quads have pumped out really nicely, my calves have filled out and the heads have defined well with a juicy vein between the heads at the back of the calf, the hammys and aductors are heaps tighter and firmer but that funny looking teardrop muscle on the inside of the quad just above the knee is seriously lacking and begging to play catch up.
    What kind of exercises for building mass can I focus on to hit that problem area, my right teardrop is about 25% larger than my left but still has a way to go to match the outer quads.
    I train at 90%-95% maximum heart rate, 28kmph average speed, 90 cadence, for 8×30 minute sessions a week plus 65% max heart rate recovery rides of 60-100km one or two a week depending on time constraints and weather
    I eat well, plenty of protein about 140-150 grams per day, hardly any fats, reasonable amount of carbs and 2-3L of water a day
    cardio vascular fitness has increased more than I ever thought possible, a 1hr stop start ride 4 months ago is now a 27 minute hell for leather sprinting ride, it feels great but more muscle should make it quicker again, shouldn’t it?

    February 28, 2009 at 10:27 pm #7843

    More strength will give you more power per cycle but it does not mean you will be faster in the long run as it is sustained power in cycling that is important. You probably do need to increase your strength through weight lifting as I doubt you are at the level where there becomes such a low benefit to your cycling power. Also think of it outside of your rides, more muscle means easier lifting, a better looking body, more intimidation of lollypop sucking cops (KM) etc.

    You can not really isolate a muscle, but, you can place a bit more emphasis on that muscle with changes in stance during weight training. If you havent started weight training yet I suggest you just begin basic squats (front would be best for more mobility for you as riding restricts your mobility) and pullups and pushups and work from there. You will increase your musclular size, add some power to your pedal pushing and get a whole lot stronger. After a while then look back at your muscles and see whether you need/want to focus on bringing some up, you may find that they have already caught up.

    Also if you want to increase your cycling power try adding in some intervals in your rides, go for some crazy sprints for about 2-3 minutes followed by a minute or 2 of moderate riding. Keep reducing the moderate riding time and increasing your sprint speed over the weeks and you should have good power increase. This will increase your sustained power output aswell meaning a faster ride.

    By the way you seem to have done a great job so far. Also you may want to make sure you are getting in a decent amount of healthy fats as fats are essential to proper functioning (as well as steriod production) so they will help you improve and function better meaning a healthier, faster leaner you.

    March 1, 2009 at 3:45 am #7844

    Thanks, I find it really unpractical to get to the gym at the moment, I work shift work the missus works when I don’t and we share care of the kids around work, so basically I get to train at night when everyones asleep and on the way to and from work.
    it seems to be working well so far but theres only so much you can do with no equipment, push ups sit ups and lunges in the morning couldn’t hurt I could do them with brekky.
    I will have to get a simple incline decline flat bench with a set of dumbells and a barbell for starters.
    Can squats be done with a pair of dumbells or do I need a barbell, do I need a special rack if I need to use a barbell?

    March 1, 2009 at 11:31 am #7845

    Lunges are good for vastus medialis (the teardrop your after). I would start doing one legged squats and work all the way to ass to grass and then build up to 10 ass to grass reps and look to add weight from then on. They are hard at first but as you get used to them and get some strength they are not too difficult (I could do them at 98kgs bw and my squat was not that good then).

    Simple bodyweight exercises with a backpack full of weight are a great way to get in some weight training. And gyms are shit anyways.

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