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  • July 6, 2011 at 12:13 pm #1342

    Hi All,

    Couldn;t find an intro section so I’ll say hello here, which is where I’ll probably hang most.

    So… about 90kgs have my own business so can’t push big steel anymore for fear of hurting myself. Can still incline dumbell 45’s for sets of 6 and squat 160 for sets of 10. Not too bad for a dude who doesn’t train. I’ve had my Cert IV for years and years. Gave up doing that because I don’t like people that much. Especially those that want me to magically make them awesome. I’ve got over 20 years in the security industry (not the crowd control type, the technical access control, CCTV, Locks sort of stuff) You can ask me questions if you like about security stuff. I only speak the truth so be careful what kind of advice you ask for.

    I have done a few cycles with good results. I enjoy the intellectual aspect of it all more than anything else. Probably should have become an endocrinologist. Lol.

    I hope to have some fun chats and save some newbies from heartache and health issues.

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