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  • July 17, 2006 at 2:38 am #568

    Recently, thanks to the homework of Dan Moore and my best friend Ron Sowers, I’ve been M-Timing my exercises.

    Logically, increasing the workload increases muscle stimulation. But unlike Dan’s program I chose PITT-Force; a Dorian Yates split with a days rest between workouts. (ie. #1 Chest/Biceps, #2 Legs, #3 Delts/Triceps, #4 Back). Due to how taxing it is, a single set of a one exercise per muscle suffices… so it’s two sets a workout! Equalling 10 minute workouts.

    Closing in on three decades of dedicated training, predominantly using Heavy Duty, this is by far the deepest depletion I have ever experienced. I benched and curled for 4 minutes the other day. At the end each muscle was twitching and aching unlike anything else I can think of… and I’ve tried it all over time. To me this is the ultimate way of training as all others involve continuous reps, which means being hindered and restricted by the build up of toxins and blood clogging.

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