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  • October 17, 2010 at 8:01 am #1302

    ha ha it is a first but am I doing it right…let me know.

    Stats = 32, 123kg, MMA and Power strength

    6:30am – Hydroxy lean (genetix)

    7am – All Bran, Banana, 7 egg whites

    9:30am – sliced apple, handfull of almonds, protein shake (universal)

    11:30am – brown rice, avacado and tuna.

    1:30pm – Hydroxy lean (genetix)

    2pm – meat and salad wrap

    4pm – meat and salad wrap

    5:30pm – pre workout drink, beta alanine (genetix)

    6 or 6:30pm – train 1-2hrs

    7-8:30pm – post work out shake, beta alanine. (Genetix)

    8-9pm – Dinner (this seriously varies but I am starting to cut carbs at this meal then work my way back to other meals)

    Bedtime – Milk protein shake….sometimes if my dinner has not really filled that gap.

    – Protein (Universal Ultra Whey Pro)
    – Multi (BSC VMA)
    – Vit C (sustained release 1500mg)
    – Liv 52 (2 x tabs)
    – Fish oil (5-6 tabs)
    – L-glute (30-50g)
    – Hydroxy lean
    – N.O rush (pre) Genetix
    – Full force (post) Genetix
    – Beta alanine (lactic acid inhibitor) Genetix

    So far I have definately lost ab fat and my muscle are looking harder and more defined. Anyway what do you think.

    November 13, 2010 at 5:45 am #8944

    haha kin, wtf is up bro!!!!
    this is hilarious, im cutting as well!!!! just finished the 5th week, another 11 to go!
    How you been mate? I have not heard from you in yonks!!

    I dunno about your diet, I’m doing KETO. Lots of fat, moderate protein and zero carbs. It works bloody well.

    All i can say if it aint broke, dont fix it 😀

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