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  • June 14, 2011 at 9:36 am #1337

    Hey all, about to start my first test prop cycle. The run down is i have 20ml of test prop. Why this you ask? Its all i can get my hands on. Before anyone says stack it with this or that, i cant as nothing else is available. I not looking at getting huge in the shortest time possible as i would rather it not be totally obvious to certain people who are very anti roids. I have read it should be injected ed or eod but have read it can be spread to a max of 3 days with still results. I am wondering if i should just smash a 6 week cycle and go for 6 weeks or wether i string it out over 8 weeks with injextions every 3 days. I have done a past 5 week cycle of sust 250 with amazing results. Again 5 ml of sust is all i could get. Any advice would be great cheers

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