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  • September 30, 2011 at 7:21 am #1341

    Fame, fortune, luxury, and letting it all go to your head; agents, managers, publicists, and everyone else that will lie, cheat, or steal to get a piece of you; and remembering your real friends. These are all key ingredients that make Entourage season 8 dvd thoroughly entertaining, as well as freighting when you think about how it’s based on reality.

    I take the Entourage complete 1-7 seasons as a cautionary tale; the entertainment industry is where I have just barely started to get my feet wet. There is a lot of truth in this fictional show: either everyone wants a piece of you or no one knows your name and can’t spare a minute of their time. From my limited time spent dealing with people of the industry, on either coast, I have already found more jerks and egos-out-of-control than I care to recount. “Entourage” does an excellent job of exposing the dangers of the L.A. lifestyle, while simultaneously managing to present them in a thoroughly enjoyable manner.
    Jeremy Piven’s role as agent to rising star, Vincent Chase, is thoroughly entertaining as well as aggravating. He’s not quite the villain, but the perfect embodiment of the guy you don’t want working against you. His quick one-liners and perfect delivery make it a joy to watch the show, whereas a real-life encounter with a guy such as him would probably make you want to deck him.

    cheap Entourage dvd box set is rife with inside jokes, but not enough to lose the average viewer. Instead, the average viewer might just see the show as a bunch of losers whining about the good life and living high off the hog without really working. I enjoy it, but it’s certainly not for everybody. I see it as another example of why I don’t, and never want to, live in Los Angeles.

    Show business is unlike any other business: they work by their own rules and decide who to let into their little clique. It’s about as safe as sleeping in a pit full of vipers, but our glimpse at what it’s like to live on top is good a one.

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