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  • December 13, 2011 at 5:07 am #1367

    I have done some searching on the forum and am unable to find an answer to my question. Someone will prob find it but I did look haha

    At the moment I’m a a 2wks on 2wks off clen cycle. My question is can I use a cycle like this:

    2/2 wks on/off – 5/9 days on off – 2/2 wks on/off – 5/9 days on/off etc

    Or would it be better with a 4days on 10days off cycle on that one? On the short cycle is there enough time off for the beta receptors to then go into my 2/2 cycle? Is 7/7 cycle possible or is this too much on and not enought time off?
    I’m doing it this way to fit into my work roster? Any Info to would be great!


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