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  • March 11, 2009 at 12:32 pm #1159

    yer its a supplement not really a body building supplemnt but i had a ltr of this stuff it was a trc plant derived one packaged under logevity i got it for free off a storeman mate and i used it and my opinion was that the stuff wasnt that bad i mean i got massive water retention from it and i didnet feel bad from it i found that it was really handy when training because i found it was a big thirst quencher i still needed to hydrate but i wasnt constanly thirsty as i tend to get and i wast supplementing with any thing else cas i was a broke teen any way the water retention was massive and i swear it helped i would compare it like a creatine side effects was when i stopped taking it i literally shat water. any way any one else trained on this stuff or got any info on colloidal minerals experience

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