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  • March 6, 2006 at 5:15 am #490

    Hey im looking for an all body workout programme, working my lower and upper body for body building. and i need to know what to do? how much reps and sets, and the rest break and how much weight i do and the weeks schedules on wat days to do it. Basically a whole programme thats easy to understand bt most importantly how much to increase the reps sets and weight by as the weeks go on

    March 6, 2006 at 11:21 am #2415

    hi mate. try these.

    upper body a:
    -bench press
    -BB rows
    -military press
    -chest dips

    lower body a:

    upper body b:
    -incline bench press
    -reverse grip BB rows
    -standing BB press

    lower body b:
    -front squats
    -good mornings

    Military Press
    Close Grip Bench Press or Dips

    Barbell Rows
    Barbell Curls

    U can also search for the 2day split i was doing in “weighs & conditioning” under this username.

    and this is a place for progress pictures, this topic is better in the above topic section.

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