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  • September 9, 2011 at 12:49 am #1357

    Considering winter is over and next winter is thankfully “way off”, I am still beginning to plan for it now, and thought I’d start here. In short, I have reached the end of medical assistance with doctors unwilling and/or unable to help, i.e. I have heard specialists and doctors tell me “I simply don’t know” or “There’s basically nothing I can do for you” far too often. With this said, I am not seeking medical advice from anyone here, but rather hearing from those who have overcome a fatigue illness with the use of steroids.

    To try and keep this post as short as possible I’ll keep things brief and invite those interested to either respond or PM me for more info. Specialists in the field of sleep study (not GPs) have diagnosed me with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), insomnia (resulting from the long term effects of OSA), and in recent years Seasonal Fatigue. The worst of it hits each winter and I have considered doing a winter-long-cycle next year to overcome the fatigue as well as help with workout recovery (and muscle gain).

    I have been bodybuilding since 1988, and over the years as this fatigue problem took hold, I watched all my gains slowly disappear. I have managed to get some gains back but each winter, what ever I gained during summer is mostly lost during winter.

    Before anyone considers advice of vitamins, I have been trialling various amounts of vitamin D up to 10000 UI with minor benefits. I manage 8 hours (approx) per night although I have not slept through the night uninterrupted, and in the worst case I’m up several times for a toilet break. This is regardless of the fact I reduce fluid intake from mid-afternoon in an attempt to prevent this. I eat very very clean currently on a P-C-F ratio of 37-37-26 ratio at 3300 cals/day, unfortunately considering how lean I eat and how I train, I am still putting on weight (I dropped from 3400 some time ago with no real effect). My goal is to bulk up, but not a ‘dirty bulk’ as I have found losing fat next to impossible.

    Hopefully this is enough info and I didn’t ramble on too much. Again, I’m interested in hearing from those who have had fatigue problems rectified with the use of steroids, and the details of what they took and when.

    September 12, 2011 at 2:43 am #9113

    … and steroids help with fatigue how????????????

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