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December 6, 2007 at 2:31 am #5177

Hi all.
I need to gain all the muscle I lost resently and still loosing, I resently came back fro trip to Bali 3 weeks ago and have been projectile vomiting from the other end ever since, Yes I have been to the DOCS and they are running tests as I write this.
So far I have lost about 5 kilo, I was at about 72kilo which for me is pretty lean that is apart from the slite wobble in the gut, and now I’m 67 Kilo.
I have started training again last week though my strength is not all there yet I have lassies lifting more than me :oops: .

I had a look at this post and it looked pretty easy for me to follow though not sure how I would do the carb cycling part… any advice would be helpfull and my appologies for hijacking the thread if I’m not meant to.