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October 17, 2007 at 4:27 am #5273

@big_phi wrote:

I tried my first 2 servings of WMS + Myopure hydro whey last night.

Heres my initial review, tastes really plain like eating flour. Normally i use the dextmalt combo with some diet jelly. However putting diet jelly in WMS made no difference really to the taste.

Yeh, I found a little dextrose helped but then down goes the average MW.

@big_phi wrote:

The powder tends to settle so you have to shake it up often.

I made one and left it overnight, the wms becomes this thick paste and is quite hard to wash out.

A sort of waxy paste 😉

@big_phi wrote:

Normally when i drink the maltdex combo after my work out i tend to get ultra thirsty and my mouth would be dry, however the wms didn’t do that and i wasnt thirsty.

Found the same.