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December 31, 2008 at 4:04 pm #7561

@slugger wrote:

I am doing about 7hrs of riding a week at about 130km distance, my legs are killing me 😡
I am not eating much just oats in the morning, 2L of water through out the day and other things like baked beans and small clean dinner meals, I try to go to bed on an empty stomach so I don’t store any fat

You need to start eating more. Our bodies were designed to survive famine, not built to burn fat – so you have to set up an environment where you body can burn fat for fuel.

Because you are doing alot of riding, you are burning way more calories than you are consuming and you are hording onto the fat you have. (to put it simply, your body thinks its starving so it slows down its metabolism)

Without going too crazy at first, try and stick to 4-6 small meals per day. Base each meal with a lean meat/chicken/fish and then add in some rice, potatos or even a good quality bread that has lots of grains. This is the simpliest way to start. Eating this way will rev up your metabolism, give you energy and you will see the pounds start melting away.

Dont worry about going to bed on an empty stomach. This is a complete BS myth. The body doesnt know what time it is, and you want to feed it nutrients so it can repair. If you eat a clean diet it doesnt matter when you eat. Just eat!