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May 26, 2010 at 8:30 am #8099

Hi all,

FYI: We arn’t on ebay anymore, they have next to no customer service, the fees are getting higher and higher and they just seem to be getting worse the bigger they get, we have have just started our website , if your interested take a look, or PM me and I will give you the relevent details you want to know. Any suggestions on how to better the website that we actually use will attract a 20% discount on your total order. Regular members get a 10% discount.

Those Proextenders you see around you should be weary of, a while back on Ebay there was a few Hong Kong and Aussie sellers flogging them of for real cheap and were found out to be cheap chinese made copies “made in the usa”, the ones on oztion could be the real deal, but the price seems too good to be true as they usually retail for $300+ and proextender has a strict pricing policy, even if they are real, they are no where near as high quality as the Andro and you do not get anywhere near the usuage you would out of the Andro, as it comes with heaps of spare comfort parts (which need to be changed every now and then to ensure a strong tension).

Our extenders are Andropenis, the highest quality most comfortable device available, and the only legally sold device in OZ, plus you get a lifetime warranty, usual price is $275 with free shipping due to the strong Aussie dollar, however the dollar is declining so prices will start climbing again soon, but anyone that is a member on this forum gets 10% off anytime anyway.

One hour per day will still get you results, I personally started out wearing it quite a bit, but it’s not really necessary IMO. Its hard to say what exact results you would get as everyone grows and adapts differently, but it has been noted that if you’re taking certain supplements like arginine/ornithine and taking protein on a regular basis results come quite a bit quicker, I guess because your body has what it needs to to repair and thus grow I also feel the blood circulation you would induce from weight training would also be a positive.

If anyone has any questions, simply ask, or PM if you want to remain anonamous, my thoughts personally though is who cares, just about every guy wants a bigger dong, the others just don’t admit it, lol.

Train hard peoples, and take care.