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April 26, 2010 at 2:26 am #8900

My weekly routine/diet is as follows: Also, i start work at about 3-4pm 5 nights a week, so i have to kinda work around that.

Mondays: Wake up at about 11am, have breakfast consisting of 3-4 eggs, 2 toasts, and cup of green tea.
Train biceps and back at 12pm, and come home at 1pm and have protein shake with full cream goats milk mixed with water, all in a blender with 2 bananas, and tablespoon of chia seeds.
Get ready for work at 3pm or so, and don’t have the opportunity to eat until about 7pm or so, which sometimes consists of rice, pasta, sushi. Then I get home at about 12am or 1am from work, and might have a few nutella or cheese sandwiches.

Tuesdays: more or less same diet as monday, with the exception of martial arts training from 7pm -8pm.

wednesdays: Usual diet, and training martial arts from 6pm to 8pm, and always have my 300gram steak at 8:45pm for dinner.

Thursdays: Morning jog before breakfast for 30 mins or so, then follow the usual diet, and go to work, with pasta or rice for dinner.

Friday: Wake in the morning, have more or less same brekkie as Monday, and hit the gym, doing chests, tris and shoulders. Come back home at 2pm or so, and have the same protein shake, with 2 bananas and chia seeds. Dinners, same as usual.

Saturday: Morning jog,have same brekkie, followed by some martial arts, fitness training shadow boxing, focus mitt drills. etc… Get ready for work, and dont eat again until about 7pm or so, and then get home at about 1pm and eat again, sandwiches.

Sunday, usually rest day, with same diet as always.

Is there anything I can add or do to my training regime/diet to gain weight?