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April 26, 2010 at 5:51 am #8898

sorry didn’t have much time to reply.

You don’t train your legs, number one mistake made by most lifters. Legs are your main force producers even for punching, that hip twist and leg drive in a punch adds a lot more power than most people think. Also the two best leg building exercises (or the variations of them) the Squat and the Deadlift are important for growth. Heres an idea for you if you can only workout 2 days a week.

Squat 3 x 5. Deep squats
Military Press 2 x 5. Standing and no knee drive
Deadlift 3 x 5. You can do any variation if you wish ie romanian deadlifts, stiff legged dead lifts.
Chinup 2 x 5. Add weight. Can do pull ups instead but chins hit the biceps more.
Pushup 2 x 5. Add weight.
Bent Over Rows 2 x 5. Could be cable rows or t-bar rows any rowing action.

Each week increase the reps by 1 for each exercise. Once you hit 7 reps the next week go back to 5 reps and add 5kg or whatever you can do for 5 reps. Do this twice a week. It would be better if you could do 3 days a week but that is up to you. After 12 weeks see how you have gone.

Just so you know you will not put on size unless you eat accordingly. Have a serve of protein with each meal about your hands size, eat often and if you are not getting bigger, eat more and more often. Drinking milk may help if you are a naturally lean person with a high metabolism. Try having half a litre after each of your exercise sessions.

A good thing to know would be your body fat % or at least a guide like can you see your abs or close to it. I am 4cm taller than you which is not much but if I were to hit 82kgs I would be close to anorexic, even at 90kg I was quite thin.