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October 7, 2008 at 10:56 pm #7063 wrote:

well this is my first time on a forum and the first time i’v held steroids in my i hope i’m writing in the right spot. just got 12 mls of sus250 would like to start tonight and was planning 1 ml every week or 10 days. is this a good idea and what are the chances of acne since i really dont want it as i have a big day coming up in 7 weeks. Training for a year 80kg 181cms. Train 4 days a week for 1h15m. gained 15kg in a year.

You need to research a little more mate.
yes there is a fair chance of acne.
1ml per week for 10 days? I assume it’s 250mg/ml. Shoot every 5 days to keep blood levels stable.
What do you have incase of gyno?
Do you have your PCT ready to go?
What supporting supps you taking?