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May 29, 2011 at 9:39 am #9021

so will get some clen tomorrow what dosage and how often do u reckon? Is 250 sus E3D enough or should i up it to 250 EOD or would that be too much for a first cycle? and third question how does my routine look in not doing legs on this cycle

monday- chest- bench 4×8, dumbell press 4×8, dumbell flies 4×8, peck deck press 4×8, peck deck flies 4×8
tuesday- Biceps tricep- preachers curls 4×8, seated dumbell hammer curls 4×8, dumbell curls 4×8, skull crushes 4×8, pull downs 4×8
wednesday off
Thursday- shoulder, lats, traps- shoulder presses 4×8, lat raises 4×8, side lat raises 4×8, rear shrugs 4×8, shrugs 4×8, chin up failure x4,
Friday cadio and abs
sat off
sun repeat
I do back execise but i dont do much should prob up it a bit and i dont know why I do 4×8 in everything prob because I dont know any better and it seems to work for me let me know your thoughts