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January 4, 2007 at 2:52 am #3751

@swiz wrote:

Right now im managing 5 – 8 reps per set with 80 – 90% loads 5 sets majors and 3 sets for minor muscle groups. When it gets really heavy I stop at 5. Its only been a fortnight and i cant tell how effective it is being.

In just a fortnight you probably wont see any appearance of gains, because your using reps more near the strength gain end of the scale.

I like to do a workout on a muscle group in the low rep area, and in the next workout (if I feel recovered & fit for it) I will use the 10 to 12 rep area for hypertrophy on the same muscle group. Its worked for me.

Those powerlifting guys have a real smart system worked out, its based on achieving a personal record 1 Rep Max, this tends to make increases a certainty for a bodybuilder, as a heavier weight means ultimately more muscle. They also use the repetition type workouts in the 8-12 area, and also do superfast high rep/light weight workouts.

The method of getting a 1 RM sorted out is a bit tricky unless you have a partner to help out. But it works with Deadlifts just fine.
Basically a workout on deads uses a pyramid upward as follows;
Say 8 reps at 50% of your estimated 1RM (to really warm up the area).
Then 5 reps at 70%
3 reps at 80%
2 reps at 90%
1 rep at 100% or 103% if you feel real good at this point.
After that do 2 or 3 sets at around 6-10 reps, of about 65-70% until you cant move it any more.
Finish up with any other low/mid weight mid/high rep exercises on a couple of other related muscle areas, say shrugs, calves, tri, shoulders, etc. Wunderbar you are done. DA