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June 3, 2011 at 8:14 am #9054

OK after some fiddling and some advice from the net

The most important thing about the protein pudding is the base long acting protein you use. Just about everyone reccomends optimum nutrition cassein or you could use myopure cassein and add in a bit more sure that would taste better

1 serving protein pudding 5 mnute blend

Heres what you need.

1. gellatin
2. flavouring
3. sweetner I used sugarless
4. good tasting long acting cassein protein, IMI or unflavoured protein
5. almond spread or peanut butter (i dont reccomend the peanut butter but it still gives you the good fat…and its not like you can pop in some fish oil…bloody poloquin and his harping about inflamations and cardiovascular disease!!
6. coconut milk

1.80 – 100ml ml Hot Coconut milk (heat in the microwave)
2. mix 1/2 – 3/4 level teaspoon gellatin. (mix it in quickly or you will get lumps) DO NOT ADD MORE GELATIN THAN THIS OR YOU WILL END UP WITH CONCRETE
3. add caramel food falvouring 3 small drops
4. 1 tablespoon natural almond spread
5. 2 generous scoops protein powder (no carb) I used small musashi spoon
6. 1 sachet sugarless sweetner
7. Mix for 20 seconds

Stick in the fridge . The gellatin will set the pudding.

1 serving : 26.7 grams protein / 11.5 grams good fat / 3 grams carbs

You can heat it and mix and eat or just eat it cold

For some reason it doesnt taste the same when you double the ingredients i dont know why.

Great on a keto diet or just before bed.