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If you eat toooo much protein you will damage your liver and body

show me a study on evolved eating high protein diets…

I won’t engage in a debate esp with ST. Lets say that its an idea that I hold. People reading can visit a doctor and ask themselves.

Then you meant to say that “if you eat toooo much protein I believe you will damage your liver and body”.

The only thing I know that damages the liver is excessive alcohol consumption. And a diet rich in protein is usually recommended to help heal the liver in this case.

There is some evidence, but it’s not unequivocal, that reduced protein consumption will slow the rate of kidney function decline in patients with impaired kidney function.

If I was pressed to say what we evolved to eat I’d go for fat! Dense form of energy and easily stored. When chimps go cannibal the brain is the first part of their victims that they eat. Brains are primarily fat.