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June 1, 2009 at 6:00 am #8295

@Professer X wrote:

Hi Guys

What is everybody’s opinion of pre made protein drinks? I currently slam a chocolate aussie bodies protein drink after my workout.they taste tremendous.

Are these drinks any good? I read somewhere that u should not drink them as the protein is far less then what it says on the label?

Now these can get pricey. $5 at the gym $3.50 at woolies. I dont mind paying this price as i dont drink and a scooner costs like $3.70 from memory 🙂

Poor choice – those pre made drinks contain skim milk……Have enough of those and you’ll get the shits.

Problem is you dont know where the protein is coming from. You might as well drink a carton of skim milk and put some milo in it to get the same effect. Save your $$ and get a real whey and add your carbohydrate of choice after.