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January 24, 2007 at 11:39 pm #3978

Is your aim just to get lean? Or to shred fat and keep muscle?

@Andy wrote:

I am on holidays overseas so I cannot access the gym

but also that I have lost a little muscle.

I suspect you have lost more than a little muscle. From what I’ve learnt from Dr J, Derek ST and other experianced body builders on this forum – the body doesnt discriminate between fat and muscle, in fact muscle is usually the first to shred with incresed cardio and decreased protein.

I think you should find a gym!

For severel reasons.

1. To keep your strength up
2. It will help you lose fat.
3. Combined with a proper diet it will help you keep muscle.
4. You can get some advice from people there
the list goes on..

The hardest thing about bodybuilding for me is the cut. I know if I do too much cardio I will lose most of my muscle and end up right where I started, the viscious cycle will go on and on. Believe me at the end of three years of uneducated training I plead with anyone not to go down that path!!!

Im sure a few will expand on the above..