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June 5, 2011 at 3:47 pm #9041

@tryintogetbig wrote:

Im 2 weeks into my sus cycle 1ml E3D ive been using 0.5mg arimidex ED can I still get gyno anyway my nipples have started to get sore what should I do should I jump onto the nolva 20mg ED till its gone?

how sore exactly are your nipples?

i am being perfectly honest with you when i say that i have run much much higher doses than you without any ADEX and i have no gyno whatsoever, maybe i am one of the lucky guys that doesn’t get gyno but no shit i have run Sus250 at 2.5g pw for 8 weeks straight without any AI’s or Serms and mate I can tell you right now that i don’t have the slightest sign of gyno.

The strongest recommendation i will give any newcomer to gear is this: ALWAYS HAVE A DA ON HAND. If you don’t know what a DA is then i suggest you bury your head hard in the books and resolve this issue from your point of view, rather than someone elses.