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January 11, 2009 at 7:10 am #7632

@slugger wrote:

preferably with body weight exercises but I do have access to a gym if that would be better?

get to the gym if you can. The problem with body weight exercises is that you get adapted to them very easily and then it becomes impossible to continue overloading your muscles. You might get results for a couple of weeks then you will be spinning your wheels so to speak.

how many sets and reps per session would I need to do in say the first 12 weeks and how many times a week should I exercise each muscle?

Depends on a lot of factors. Ages, experience etc. For a newbie 3 sets of 12-15 will be enough. A big mistake too many inexperienced lifters make is lift too heavy in the beginning when they dont know how to control and activate their muscles properly. (Note….this takes years to learn 🙂 )

Is there any muscles that need working differently or more often than others?

Nope – you just need to learn how to activate everything and make sure you are using your body correctly.

I need to lose about 13kg of fat and would like to build a solid core and good strength with a full range of motion and a bit more size while still retaining good aerobic capacity.

13kg of fat is not that much. You can do this with cardio and diet. As for building a solid core, this comes from proper lifting (and not body weight stuff). Doing 5000 sit ups does not count as a strong core. A strong core includes your hips, legs, glutes, everything. This is built using good form and ‘advanced’ exercises.

I am thinking push ups, sit ups, lying leg raises, squats or lunges and dips for starters maybe chin ups when I get a bit leaner?
how does this all sound?

sounds good – but where are u going to be doing this stuff? at home or at a gym?