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I have had the book for many years, as with most, it looks a bit silly, and feesl awkward using very light weights and struggling, but the results are amazing, I only started using it 6 weeks ago and now use it in 3 week cycles, it is astounding – gained 4 kg’s of muscle in the first 4 weeks, yes has slowed down now, but thats not the point

Sorry if I come of sounding like a pirck mate, but 4kg in 4 weeks?
That aint happening.
How did you actualy measure that gain?

If you are some kind of genetic marvel or super keen on the juice, disregard this post..

Most likely gained 4kg full stop. Depending on where you’re starting from a kg a week in weight gain is not that hard to do and it probably looks like you haven’t gained much fat.

The big question, of course, is how much muscle one can put on after the initial newbie surge.