Re: Re: getting chest going

October 20, 2006 at 7:42 am #3305

@melbourne22 wrote:

my question is 1) how can i get my chest to grow, maybe i should try flyes to isolate them more ?

2) the only shoulder exercise i do is military press or dumbell press, i was told that the primary muscle used is the front delt and not the sides, is that correct ?

1) You could just be using weights that are not based on your 1 RM (1 Repetition Maximum), to do your existing workout. Hence the weight may be to light to effect the pec muscles. Alternately, and this is just speculation, if your other muscle groups are to well developed, then they compensate, or take all the weight themselves, when doing benches etc.

Seriously, find out about 1 RM testing to see if your eye/measure for a good training weight is to light, then you can base your rep/set scheme on it, and say, aim at 5 or 6 rep max for say 3-4 sets. It should bring out the muscle aches – pronto. Have a geek at this short program to see about reps and weights. Adjust it yourself based on your 1 RM.

2) Go to to see list of exercises and the muscle groups involved, as well as the synergists. You will find anterior/front delts are listed as the aimed at muscle set. DA