Re: Re: does this look ok?

May 11, 2010 at 1:42 am #8860

Lots of sleep, lots of food, keep the protein up to about 2g per kg of BW or more per day, keep away from sugar except in your post workout meal and eat more carbs in the 2-3 meals following your workout. That is a very basic format but it gives you leeway and will work. Just reevaluate if you are gaining or not each fortnight and adjust your calories from there. If you look too fat then drop the calories by 250, if you are not gaining ten increase by 250. Keep that up to you are at the size you want to be.

Training wise that is a good plan. Look to do squats, deadlifts or variations, military press, rows, pushups or bench press, finish it off with a couple of sets of chinups and dips. I can go into further detail when I have time.