Re: Re: does this look ok?

May 17, 2010 at 7:00 am #8870

single leg lunges weighted 3×10
overhead lunges 3×10
shoulder shrugs 3×10
weighted push ups 3×10
chin ups 2×10
swiss ball dumbell chest press 12.5kg dumb bell 1x 10 each side
spiderman push ups a lot…. up and down the gym floor 🙂
dead lifts 3×10
and a few other chest based exercises, not sure on all the correct names sorry. was harder on me than my normal indivdual muscle group sessions! had the sweat pouring off me.

any tips/ideas on protein sources that i can easily take to work/have throughout the day and night. just got a load of sliced turkey breast to take with me, but thats only 18g protein per 100g turkey. cant find any high protein cottage cheese…. seesm to be only like 9g’s per 200g or so