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October 16, 2011 at 9:46 am #9123

LOl crap.. busted .. Dont u guys like have anything else to do apart from being on forums.. hahahaha? 🙂
I do this diet every summer. As im still a vain runt even at 34 lol.. Problem is i cant hold onto the low BF due to powerlifting and it demands on a higher BF..

Bull – Im running a 7 day depletion till i hit a good keto statis (ketone sticks).. Then its a more moderate carb cycling as below

Day 1: (based on LBM) Moderate carb day
Carbohydrate x 1.5g/pound bodyweight.
Protien – 1g/pound bodyweight
Fat – 1g/pound bodyweight.

Day 2: Low carb day
Carbohydrate = 0.5g/pound bodyweight.
Protein = 1.5 grams/pound bodyweight.
Fat = less than 1g fats/pound bodyweight.

Day 3: Low Carb Day
Carbohydrate = 0.5g/pound bodyweight.
Protein = 1.5g/pound bodyweight
Fat = 1g/pound bodyweight

Day 4: High Carb day
Carbohydrate = 2g/pound bodyweight
Protein = 1g/pound bodyweight
Fats = 1g/pound bodyweight

Repeat Day 1 again till u get till the desired results then matina C/P/F ratios…

Will be taking pics after day 4 where the bodies full of carbs.. See how i fill out..