Re: Re: Cable preacher curl

February 18, 2006 at 1:05 am #2338

@unbuff wrote:

Does anyone here have these included in there routines? Since i started my 2 day split (bout 3 weeks ago now 😯 ) they’ve been awesome on the biceps, especially with slow tempo it burns like hell.

I also have been doing them for about a month now, slow tempo, extending all the way down and all way up under my chin and holding for 3 secs (concentrating on the positves and the negatives). And yeah they burn like hell 😈
Another little thing that I’ve started doing, and it’s so effective is when doing dumbell and barbell curls and preachers is to NOT rap your thumb around the bar or dumbell, instead put them underneath the bar or dumbell. I find this isolates the biceps and cuts out using the forearms.