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June 12, 2010 at 1:30 am #8886

Lol this is slightly embarrassing, but I started HIT on the 21/3/10

That review I made was only on may 18th…. I don’t know how the hell I stuffed up, just got my dates wrong. I still have another 9 days to go before the 3months is up, so I’ll weigh in and get some more measurements. As of now I have gone over the 1/2″ mark on my quads, only problem is, the cramps are still there. I worked out my quad would cramp at full contraction on the hacksquat and for me thats just past halfway. I found the lock up would happen quickly, the faster I completed the positive, its fine at static and on the negative. So now I do the positive very very slow, much slower then before. It wants to cramp up at that peak contraction part, but I find it now takes a lot longer, and I can reach failure before it happens. I have to say, its painful, but i literally grin and bare it. haha.

Sorry about this date stuff up!!!