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January 28, 2006 at 10:45 pm #1708

I am a huge fan of fish oils and other supplements that do work and promote good health.
EFA’s are essential for good health and eicasinoid production and all the other sub classes of the above prostaglandins being one of them.

AA is a common subject and here is a snip from another board from a guy that is tops in his field.
Two snips.

I suggest you go do some reads on aspirin and its effect on the body. You will find what was listed in that article to be a tad off, ok not a tad but lots. Fish oils exert their effect like aspirin on eicasanoid production which contraols and reduces AA… so why reduce AA… because higher AA gets yoiu lower HDL to LDL ratio and less test… not more plus it leads to over clotting (can you say stroke/heart attack) it leads to hardening of arteries and cellular walls (no growth) and more.

Some one got ahold of some very very powerful information and twisted it to sell a supplement. This is getting dangerous.

There are tons of studies now on this showing aa is what we want to control for health at all, and by controlling aa we get a much higher release of hgh to insulin ratio and with that better recovery and growth, plus it shows that aa reduction withthe right diet can increase test production.

Another snip

Part of the problem is that AA is pro inflamation and we know that reduction of inflamation speeds recovery and growth.

Arachidonic acid – This particular polyunsaturaed fat may be the most dangerous fat know when consumed in excess and is known as an Omega 6 fat. In fact, you can inject virtually every type of fat (even saturated fat and cholesterol) into rabbits and nothing happens. However, if you inject (AA) arachidonic acid into the same rabbits they are dead within three minutes. The human body needs “some” arachidonic acid, but too much can be toxic.

Ironically, the higher your insulin levels, the more your body is stimulated to make increased levels of arachidonic acid. (AA) is a long-chain omega-6 fatty acid. Enchaned production of good eicosanoids requires the presence of EPA and DHA long chain “omega 3” fats, found in fish oil.

Ok, now some input from myself.
The ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 EFA’s should be 1/1 to 1/4
The average ratio of 3 to 6 in America is 1/10 to 1/25, not good, this can lead to a host of illnesses.

Why would you add a 6 to the ratio to further put you out of the normal healthy range?
Cooking oils are bad enough for doing this along with the dangers of trans fats from heating these rancid oils.

Here is my take on supplement companies.
They are in the business of making money, just like the pharmacuitical companies. Some of those products kill people.
It is profit driven not health driven.
They dont care if there is some potential problem that might develop in a number of years, they get in, make their money, get rich, get out and start up something else that sounds too good to be true.

Bill Phillips had a product called HMB and said it was supposed to be similar to Deca, it wasnt, he was wrong, he made a ton of money and never appologised for making a mistake.

Magazines are owned by supplement companys like for instance:
Muscle and fitness

Weider Products
Muscle Media

Muscular Development


Muscle Mag

Robert Kennedy’s Line/Muscle Tech

Weider Products


I joined this board just to post this one post.
I am a member of many boards and Mod one.
I dont have too much time to join or post on other boards but I joined this one just for this reason and would join another to do the same.

Remember, when someting sounds too good to be true, it usually is.
I am sure this is the case here.