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February 15, 2006 at 6:13 am #2329

Hi, Dr J,

Not planning on bulking up to a huge extent, but now that I’m getting a (little) more serious, I’m enjoying seeing some definition in my body. For years I was described as “skinny”. So, from a base of around 73-74 kg 15 months ago I’m aiming to put on a bit more bulk and get some fat off.

I’m training only 3 days a week, using the “Men’s Health Book of Muscle” as some sort of guide. A PT mate of mine (huge bugger, but very fit) advised me that it is aimed more at the beginners. I am one of those, and when I told him I wasn’t seeing enough gains for my liking, he said

“You’re a pussy Steve. Lift heavier weights”, lol.

So, still following the same program (which seems to target upper body, lower, upper, on various days for three weeks before changing), but heeding his advice, I have seen more gains, and strength has increased. I’m eating reasonably sensibly, having a protein (not WP) shake with bananas, 2 raw eggs, fruit, honey, low-fat milk, most mornings, 200g of tuna for lunch, plus some chicken/beef stirfry in evenings.

To say it is all less-than-scientific is stating the bleeding obvious, but I’ll get there with the help and encouragement of others, ans sites like this.


The images are a little provocative, I know, but that’s just the arty side of me.

@Dr J wrote:


How are you training and eating at the moment?

What’s the plan to bulk up?

Yeah, KM were’s your artistic side? :wink: