Re: Eating Plan

January 10, 2007 at 12:11 am #3887

I work an 8 hour Day and I have 3- 3 1/2 hours of travelling per day.

I normally do the following.

Sunday Night: Roast a Beef or a whole chicken (turkey is better its got a lot of lysine in it and some other stuff) and then Cut into small pieces for sandwich

Wake Up 7am: Protein Shake
7:30 Am Oats.

11 am at work Beef or Chicken Sandwich with salad and cottage cheese or tuna…

2pm Either half a scoop of my protein shake mixed with milk or some sushi or a protein bar or a quick snack from the deli

4:30pm – My Protein Shake. You can buy protein shake containers from woolies…you just take the powder in add milk and shake shake shake.

6:45pm: Short Snack

8-9pm Dinner

9:30 – 11pm Protein Shake or some cottage cheese.

Hope this helps. It is working for me. Discipline is hard, and you feel like shit when you forget.