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December 15, 2006 at 4:15 am #3558

Monring: 5 Vita Brits accompanied by protein bar (20g protein 15g carbs 5g fat). zinc + Magnesium and vitamin b12 tablet. + protein shake.
Lunch: Sandwich. + vegetable juice
1.5 hours afetr lunch: protein bar
Dinner: Afternoon Snack followed By a Protein Shake (egg albumen) and then high protein low carb dinner. zink magnesium and vitamin b12 tablet.
Lots of water///

Im looking to buy some fish oil tablets to incorporate into my diet also.

I work out every second day. 2 Muscles per work out. 10 reps per set. 3 – 5 sets with a long break in between. I try to go as heavy as I can. I bench 80, bisceps i can go 20 but i lift 15 or 12 depending on how I’m lifting. 90 on the dead lifts, 30-40 on the squats (earlier this year I injured my groin so…) 40-50 on the bent over rows. I do about 25 – 30 on trisceps, 80 on legs, 40 on shoulders (groin…i couldnt lift much more than that though..) My workouts are slow and hard. I pop some music on and let the time just pass.

I usually try to sleep around 10 hours a night. Although it ends up between 7-9 hours. I have to wake up at 7 as it takes me around and hour and 20 minutes to travell bondi junction where I work.

Im not sure what zma or alphamale are.. ?