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March 28, 2010 at 11:50 am #8785

@dave wrote:

Interesting, it sounds like the AC joint from where you talk about the pain. Do you have tight lats, pecs, anterior delt head? It could be your acromion process (the A in the AC joint) impinging on your main shoulder joint or even a nerve. But it could just be due to poor scapula stability that is leading to a poorly aligned and therefore dysfunctional shoulder. You should really go to a physio if it is continuing. Screw the chiro they are worthless from joint pain besides some temporary relief. Get massage on you pecs, lats, rhomboids, rotator cuff and shoulder when you get a massage. It’s interesting that you just work around it as as you get older it will definately get worse especially with more lifting.

Honestly, what is it they could do for it, besides taking my money?

If I try to remember the last time it bothered me during a workout, would have to be… end of last year. I have no idea, but during work it was being a pain, which followed into training.. but funnily enough, as I benched, it went away.

I just read 2 of mike mentzers books finally, and now doing HIT, I won’t get into it, but I think its better, as I don’t have to train as often (rest up to 7days) and what could be better for my shoulder.

I appreciate your concern as well, Perhaps If I get some free time soon, ill call up a physio I know who has a good rep and see what he has to say