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March 28, 2010 at 6:21 am #8783

@dave wrote:

You never went to a physio for any instructions to help rehab it? Does it still hurt/feel uncomfortable/weak?

A chiro gave me exercises, but they just seemed to aggravate it. I also get on and off sports/remedial massages and make it a point for them to work on it, just for maintenance.

Shoulder only hurts at random times. I can never pinpoint exactly what will flare it up, or how long its going to hurt for. The pain comes deep from the front shoulder, kinda wear the collar bone joins the shoulder. If I roll my shoulder back and push it forward (if that makes sense) it will begin to click each time i do so. When it is sore, its a pinching pain, that when it kicks in, ill temporarily stop what im doing, swear, and then continue till it happens again.

Aslong as I use proper form with anything involving shoulders, im perfectly fine. I also went to bench my best of 142kg x 5reps, and found no problems in my shoulder as I did it.