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March 14, 2010 at 10:36 pm #8766

@StormTrooper wrote:

You can acheive this without gear. Seriously, gear is not for you. There is no mild combo with gear. Anything will shut you down. Have you got HCG to take while on cycle? Have you got your PCT sorted? Have you got supporting supps sorted? 🙄

Mate, I’ve been trying without success over the years. My body just doesnt seem to respond much and since I’ve turned 30 I figure its not getting better. So I want to have one last go. Will get on gear 100%, but thank you for your advice. It does make sense, but I wont listen 🙂

When I say mild, I just mean milder than some other products available. Surely, there are less agressive things out there than Dbol, which still work?

HCG I am thinking about. I am not sure yet, but I guess I’ve been told by many pro’s that HCG should be on hand. Will probably depend on availability and where I am getting my gear from. I mean, if I am getting it online, than I may as well get some HCG with it, but if I am getting everything locally and my supplier doesnt have HCG, than I may be disinclined to risk customs problems, just for the HCG.

As for PCT, I was planning on getting the standard type combo of Nolvadex and Arimidex (or similar), as recommended on most bodybuilding websites. As for supplements, its easy due to their legal nature, so I will have milkthistle, vitamin c and anything else thats recommended.