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April 6, 2010 at 1:10 am #8731

Ok here are some numbers:

Resting Metabolic Rate:
BMR: 1900 calories or about 8000kJ (times everything by 4.14 from now on if you want kJ)

Activity level at work: unknown (work it out)
Sit in office, don’t walk around much etc = 1.1
Sit in office, walk around a bit, stand up for work etc = 1.2
Stand up for work, walk around a lot, carry and move some things = 1.3
Do a lot of stock work and lots of walking = 1.4
Work a physically hard job i.e. landscaping, labouring etc = 1.5 to 1.6

Multiply your BMR by your activity level and you have your Daily Metabolic Needs.

DMN = 2100 (estimate by me at 1.1 level)


1 hour weight training – 500cal
30 min high intensity exercise – 400cal
30 min walking – 150
60 min walking – 300

Add whatever planned exercise you do to your DMN so for weight training day it is: 2100 + 500 = 2600 add walking each day for 30 minutes it is: 2600 + 150 = 2750

Now you have an idea of your numbers. If you need a calorie calculator for whatever exercise you are doing search google for calorie expenditure calculator. There are many.

Now here is what to do with it:

Now what do you do with these numbers. You eat to about that level, you don’t have to be spot on, you don’t have to count and weigh everything, you can plan a way to eat properly though and take out all of the calorie counting and weighing of food. How do you do this? Read on.

I need to lose weight too so I have (until I am bored of these foods and want to move on) set up a few meals that I want to eat. I get all the ingredients work out the calories per 100g and then I cook up a huge batch of it for say 8 meals and box it up and freeze it. Now I need more calories per meal than you as I am bigger BUT you just work it to weight that suits you. My stir fry is about 100cal per 100g (works out perfect and a good example) so I have 600g for 600cal per meal. I also have a other foods where I have worked out how much ingredients I need (i cook these when I am at home as they are easy and quick) and use only these ingredients each time. I also have a curry I make so I do the same thing as the stir fry and work it all out, make a big batch and then box and freeze. You can do it with just about anything and it will keep you eating what you know is good quality and what you know is the right amount for you. Also did I mention it saves you a SHITLOAD of money?

Next step, supplement your meals with some brought ones IF you need too. But know the calories and remember its not perfect. You can cheat keep to a 90% marker for your meals. That means 1 out of ten meals can be bad (if you eat 5 a day), thats about 1 every 2 days. But DON’T go overboard and eat a whopper with 1000cal in it. You want the cheat meal to be the same cal as you would have normally eaten. Also the 90% is bare minimum its better to be at about 95% so once every 4 days.

What should be in these meals? Protein (P), good carbs (C) and good fats (F). You want carbs with high fibre, you want poly and mono unsaturated fats. You want a good ratio of P:C:F. About a 40:40:20 ratio is good. You can lower the carbs when you want to drop calories for weight loss but try to keep the P and F values the same.

How often should I be eating? 5-6 meals a day. Keeps the metabolism stoked and does not promote over eating and screwing around your insulin levels in one sitting. If you can not eat this often (its not hard if you trade one meal for two snack that equal that meals calories) then even out your meals over the day. Protein shakes, snacks etc count as a meal.

Have more carbs in the morning and post workout. Carbs at night aren’t going to kill you but you process them better in the morning and a lot better after a workout. Finish off the night with a protein shake with about 50g of protein and at max 20g of carbs, better yet go for a bit of healthy fats instead of the carbs.

Protein shakes. Protein shakes a great if you can not get in enough protein and they are fantastic for post workout. As a meal they kinda suck ass as they are not as filling, but if you can deal with that then you can use them for 1 or 2 meals a day. You can find out some good ways to make shakes on the net. I like low sugar yoghurt of the same flavour, it adds thickness and taste with not much calorie input, plus it has added calcium, pro-biotics etc etc. There is also Oatmass which can add good carbs, a little fat and some fibre to a meal replacement shake, search the net for it.

Post-workout nutrition. As I said you want to get in your carbs now. Protein and carbs post-workout equals better recovery, you want the best recovery you can get. You want a high GI carb intake immediately post workout and then about an hour later a proper meal loaded with protein and some good carbs. You can even halve your post-workout shake and have a pre-workout and post-workout shake if you want, it has been shown to decrease your recovery time.

Speaking of recovery, try to get to bed before midnight each night and aim for 8 hours sleep, without this you are just going to be tired, shitty, unhappy and sick.

What about exercise:

Now exercise. Exercise is a fantastic tool for weight loss and even weight gain BUT it ain’t shit unless you are serious about the above. Jogging is fine if you like to jog, any exercise is fine if you find it fun and enjoyable. In fact if you don’t like doing weight training I would say then don’t (i would also go on about its benefits first like increased strength, increased bone density which is important for later in life, increased muscle mass, makes you look better, makes you do things easier etc). You should not do any exercise you find uninteresting as you will end up quitting. You need to find something you are interested in and will stick to. Consistency is the key. I like playing sports like basketball, soccer, squash so I do them if I can find people to play with me. I don’t like long runs they are boring and I quit doing them very quickly, I do like short sprints though so I do that. i like hitting the heavy bag and skipping so once again I do these. I know that some things are good for me so I throw them into these exercises. I do overhead unweighted bar holds with mobility exercises as part of my boxing and skipping circuit does wonders for my mobility and shoulder stability even though they are not the most interesting, the secret is chucking them in with something I do like. I do my short sprints with low rest periods (10 seconds sprinting and 20 seconds rest) this way I am doing something I like but I make it give me the best benefit to my fitness I can as the low rest periods increase my aerobic capacity as well. Now if you like weight training and what you are doing at the moment then post up your workouts in detail so we can have a look. A few pointers there to make your training smarter will really help out your fitness.


You may have known some of this stuff already, but I tried to go through all the basics so you don’t miss out on anything. You do not have to go into such detail as I have made. You want to be able to live your life but be healthy and fit. Thats why if you work it out now at the start and get into a easy and good rhythm right away you can easily fit healthy eating habits into your daily life and not be restricted in any way. Cooking your own food in bulk for the days is the best way to save time and be healthy, 1 night a week and you don’t have to cook for the rest of the week (if you want) and you also know what you are putting in is good for you and the right amount for you. Don’t be too pedantic, if your out and having a good time at a restaurant just choose something you know is a bit healthier that you would really like and then get back on the diet by the next meal. You do not need to skip meals etc just get back on it and keep going. 1 meal here and there won’t kill you, feeling guilty and depriving yourself will. Work out what is best for you, shit you could even go on light and easy if you wanted (though its not the best its a lot better than most people eat and very easy). Good luck and get back to us with your exercise details.

That was the f’ing longest post I’ve ever written.