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January 2, 2010 at 1:50 am #8667

@Dr J wrote:

I’m going to try and hit Kinmassives calorie intake even if it’s just for one day 😉

Ha ha good luck with that mate. I have been laying right off and have only lost about 2 kg so far so pretty happy. I am actually back into it as of today as I have another show in Canberra on feb 6. I want to do well in as it is heavy show and will stamp my name in the top contenders list and will (although I already have it) give me a contenders spot in the pro/am Strongest man in Australia comp.

SO, my aims for this year are:
– 300kg dead (280kg)
– 290kg squat (265kg)
– 190kg bench (170kg)
– 410kg yoke for 25m (365kg
– 160kg farmers for 50m (one drop) (140kg)
– 140kg overhead (130kg)
– 195kg stone (23″) (180kg)

I want to get up to 130kg and still maintain lean mass an appealing physique. I also want to dominate this year competitively and get a new SM fed going strong and get the sport really noticed in Oz.

On a business level I awant my business to really kick arse this year and have NO trips to the lawyers ha ha.