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October 25, 2009 at 10:30 am #8619

Fair enough then. Orals are not a great idea as most of the ones you will most likely get are UG labs and you will not be sure of the dosages in each tab nor will the dealer most likely. This can lead to either underdosing or overdosing (not OD like heroin, but you will not be using the same each time)…POSSIBLEY.

Secondly which oral are you talking about and what are you looking for, water or muscle? 5kg of mass is easy but 5kg of muscle is different. Most of the orals these days are there to boost your oil cycle along as the oils take usually two to three weeks to kick in sometimes longer. So orals will add mass, mostly water i think and can make you feel a bit shitty as compared to a good injectable. Orals are also quite toxic to the liver over time so you would have to decide on how long you are going to run them and you will need support supps for sure.

Look orals are good for the guy intersted in dabbling and thats not a bad thing as baby steps are the key here. Injectables are better hands down but if you want to step in slow orals aren’t a bad way to go although bear in mind:
1. Your cycle will be shorter due to toxicity
2. gains will mostly be water
3. Gains will not be as good as an injectable cycle.

Have a think about an injectable, you won’t be dissapointed and don’t put limits like 5kg on a cycle.