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Not sure if I’ve asked this but do you compete in any sport??

I don’t think you asked mate, and no I don’t compete in any sports, I just train “Recreationally” pretty much. It has been on my mind to compete in Bodybuilding for about 1 year now, and if I compete in any sport it will definitely be Bodybuilding for sure. Its just very hard with having to fit work in, and family, and things go wrong, and sometimes I get small injuries, I can still train, but things do happen, and just dealing with people in everyday life can be hard enough sometimes, mind games are what really fuck me around(arguments and dis-aggreements etc). This is why I have questioned the belief of: “Is There Really A God?” With all the shit that happens to people everyday I most certainly say there is definitely no god. With thousands of people starving everyday around the world, how could anyone possibly think there is a god!!

Fuck me that was deep mate.

I’m a deep kind of guy.